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Water Exchange: Overview

As Imperial Group farmers suspected all along, the Imperial Irrigation District (IID) does not have a reliable water-delivery data-collection system. The August 22, 2006 Draft Final Report prepared by Prof. Michael Hanemann concerning equitable distribution, points out serious flaws and areas of improvement needed in IID's core functions. Mr. Ed Snively, a prominent local businessman and civic leader who worked with Prof. Hanemann during the project, put it in stark terms:

    The other thing too that I think was important out of the sessions and that was the fact that we really came the realization, and Michael [Hanemann] stressed this and I know it's in your report, that you really need the data collection sources in place. You need to know what's going into the field and you need to know what's going out of the field in the way of wastewater. I think it's probably time for the IID to move into the 21st Century in the way of technical assistance through software programs to be managed by your Zanjeros in the field so you know better measurements, better outflow at the end of the fields, tail water results and I think this in the long run will help the entire farming community and give you a better handle on the proper use of your water - the beneficial use I should say. [Ed Snively, Equitable Distribution Meeting, August 22, 2006]

Prof. Hanemann's report states that IID does not have a good handle on water use at the field level. Pages 3, 4 and footnote 3, pages 20-22. He suggests that IID does not even have a good understanding of which lands in its boundaries are entitled to water. [Pages 35-36 and especially recommendations A, D, E. F, and G.] His report strongly urges the IID to take immediate steps - whether or not it chooses a specific apportionment option - to get its own water delivery and measurements in order. Pages 36-37. We hope IID has taken those recommendations seriously. After all, how is IID harmed by doing what it should have done all along?

Download PDF file: Final Draft of Prof. Hanemann's Report August 22, 2006
Download PDF file: Executive Summary of Prof. Hanemann's ReportAugust 22, 2006
Download PDF file: Hanemann Presentation Slides for Equitable Distribution meetingAugust 22, 2006

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